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Audio Plugins - C++ JUCE

Echotech is a stereo delay VST with various modulation features.


Features include:

  1. Two independent delay lines with feedback,

  2. Wet/dry controls,

  3. Tempo synchronisation to a host application,

  4. Input & output gain control in dB,

  5. Panning and stereo image widening,

  6. Low, band, high pass state variable filter,

  7. Assinable LFO modulation capabilities.

For the source code and the VST implementation of the delay plugin, please see: Echotech Software [github]

StereoFilter is low and high pass infinite impulse response filters separate for the left and right channels.


For the source code and the VST implementation of the stereo filter plugin,  please see:

StereoFilter Software [github]

Stereo Widening stereo image widening plugin created using the JUCE framework. The plugin changes the relative amplitude of the "mid" and "sides" of an input signal. It can be used to make a signal sound wider as well as narrower.


For source code and VST implementation of the stereo widening plugin, please see: StereoWidening Software [github]


Max/MSP & Jitter Tools

Morpheme is an application that allows sound synthesis to be controlled by sketching. The underlying synthesis technique used is concatenative synthesis. Morpheme extracts visual descriptors from the sketches drawn by the user and uses these descriptors to query audio-units from CatarRT's database. During playback, window analysis is performed, by scans the sketch from left to right one pixel at every clock cycle, the rate of which is determined by the user. Only the canvas areas that are within the boundaries of the window area are analysed, the length of the window can be customised. 




Download Morpheme (for windows only and MaxMSP version 5 and 6, 32-bit): Morpheme Software [Max/MSP]

In order to run the software you will need to install the FTM library and CataRT.


More Max/MSP & Jitter projects to be uploaded soon

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